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Yorba Linda Plumbing-Have you ever woke up in the morning looking forward to a nice warm shower and suddenly receive a cold shot of water half way through? If the water in your shower never really gets hot, there’s a good chance that your hot water heater takes a bit of time in order to warm up the water, especially if you’re multi-tasking and doing things such as running your dishwasher or doing the laundry. Before contacting a Yorba Linda Plumbing specialist, be sure to consider these solutions:

1)            Diagnosing a water heater problem- Be sure to test to see if this was just an isolated incident or if it’s something that happens through the whole house. Check the temperature settings on your hot water heater. If everything seems to be OK the next thing you need to check is whether a fuse has blown if you depend on electricity to heat your water. Fuses are easy to change. If you have gas you need to make sure if the pilot light went out or not. If it went out, it’s easy to relight by following the manufacturer instructions.

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If this doesn’t fix your problem, there’s a chance that you may have a variety of other problems such as a defective thermocouple, flue obstructions, a buildup of sediments on the heating element, or possibly a defective temperature control. This is usually the time to call your Yorba Linda Plumbing specialist.

2)            When it is an isolated problem- If other parts of your house give off warm water and stays hot for a long period of time, chances are your shower is an isolated incident. There is a ton of reasons on why your shower doesn’t stay warm. If you have old galvanized steel pipes there is a chance that they may be corroded and need to be replaced.  You should also check your shut off valve for the hot water to your shower. If your valve is partially closed, open it up and test the shower again. If you do receive lukewarm water or start to get cold water, chances are you have a shower valve problem and a Yorba Linda Plumbing Specialist can help you with this.

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3)            Checking out shower valve problem- Sometimes shower valves become worn down with time, the rubber parts will also break down within time too. When this happens, the rubber parts constrict the path of flowering water. When blockage happens with shower valves it’s usually because heat makes the rubber swell. There are times that the rubber breaks and blocks the hot water valve. If you’re confident enough to take the valve apart, you can clean out the blockage in the valve and add a new rubber piece into the shower valve. Be sure to keep in mind that shower valves are usually located inside the wall and may only be accessed by a panel inside your closet that’s next to the bathroom, or could also be located in a cabinet in the bathroom.

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If you’re not comfortable with doing any of these things that we’ve covered, it is strongly encouraged to contact a Yorba Linda Plumbing Specialist. Think about it, is it better to pay for a plumber to fix it the first time or waste time and money without ever getting it fixed. Find out more about calling a Yorba Linda Plumbing Specialist today.

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